Alex Murdaugh trial – live: Jury hears crucial data from Maggie’s cellphone after focus on family’s guns

Alex Murdo: Who is the disgraced lawyer and why is he on trial?

Alex Murdo’s words after the murders of his wife and son continued to take center stage Tuesday at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina.

In his second interview with law enforcement officials — three days after he was charged with the fatal shootings of Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, on his family’s property in Islandton — he appeared to say, “I hurt him so bad.” my son

While prosecutors wanted to suggest he slipped up, others were skeptical, with some saying he believed: “They did him very badly.”

The jury was also presented with details of various ammunition found on the property used in the murders, as well as the Murdaugh sons’ weapons. Interestingly, prosecutors twice referred to a credit card statement found in the trash purchased from Gucci.

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The most shocking evidence of the day came from a detailed analysis of Maggie’s cell phone data, as prosecutors tried to determine the exact time of death from the phone’s event log.

The trial is just one of Mr Murdog’s problems in a saga of murder conspiracies, multi-million dollar fraud schemes and unexplained deaths.


Could the two shooters have killed Maggie and Paul Murdo as the defense claims?

A coroner has admitted it was “probable” that two shooters killed Alex Murdo’s wife and son, as defense lawyers tried to uncover evidence gathered from the bloody crime scene.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Dick Harputlian, Agent Morley was concerned about what he observed at the crime scene and what the direction and angle of the fatal bullets might indicate about how Maggie and Paul were shot.

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The final texts were revealed as bloody crime scene photos

On Monday, jurors in Colleton County District Court in Walterboro, South Carolina heard how Paul, 22, called his friend Rogan Gibson on his cell phone at 8:44 p.m. on June 7, 2021.

Five minutes later, at 8.49pm, Mr Gibson texted Paul: “See if you can get a good picture of her? Marion wants to send it to the vet girl we know. Make him sit and stay. He should not try too hard.’

Paul’s message about the dog he was caring for went unanswered.

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Watch: The shocking five-word statement after his wife and son were murdered

Alex Murdo: Lawyer’s chilling five-word statement after wife and son murdered

A coroner testified that Alex Murdo cried, “I hurt her so bad,” in a taped interview three days after his wife and son were killed. The 54-year-old lawyer is on trial for two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22. In an interview, Murdo spoke to Special Agent Jeff Croft at his brother’s house about his and his family’s actions. the day of the murders. Others, inside and outside the court, believe the interview shows Murdach saying, “They treated him badly.” Subscribe to our news.

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A timeline of murders, financial fraud, unexplained deaths and arrests

Mr. Murdo, 54, is accused of shooting Paul, 22, twice with a shotgun and Maggie, 52, five times with a shotgun on June 7, 2021, at the family’s sprawling hunting lodge in Islandton.

In the 19 months since the brutal double murders thrust the Murdaughs into national headlines, a number of other scandals, indictments and alleged crimes have come to light.

Here’s a timeline of key moments in action:

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The big question in court: Did Murdaugh accidentally confess to the murder?

Audio from Mr. Murdaugh’s second interview with law enforcement officials revealed a startling five-word statement from the disgraced heir to a legal dynasty for the first time Monday at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina.

“I made him so bad,” she said of her son.

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Key revelations of the Alex Murdaugh murder trial so far

Rachel Sharp It catalogs the most important moments in the ongoing high-profile trial in Colleton County, South Carolina.

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The agent claimed that Murdog had offered to kill his son

A state agent claimed Tuesday that he heard a possible confession from Alex Murdo, even after lawyers for the disgraced South Carolina attorney slowed down the audio in Murdog’s double-murder trial.

While crying and speaking to state agents in a taped interview recorded three days after Murdog’s wife and son were killed, Murdog questioned whether “I did him very badly” or “They did him very badly.” will

Jeff Croft, a senior special agent in the state’s law enforcement division, testified that he was “100% confident” Murdaugh said “it was me.”

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Murdaugh’s cellphone details were revealed in court when he heard details of ammunition found at the home

Cell phone records showed Alex Murdo called his wife minutes after she was brutally shot dead – the same bullet that was used to kill her and their son. the drugs are in the family’s possession.

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Court adjourns

Court adjourned until 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, when Lt. Dove’s testimony will continue.

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Now we move on to the steps recorded by the iPhone’s health app.

Lt Dove said this is not the most accurate information, but shows movement. After the phone was unplugged, Maggie’s phone moved 38 steps from 8:17 p.m.

Another 43 steps were recorded between 20.30 and 20.33.

Another 59 steps were taken between 20:53 and 20:55, during which the direction changed and the camera flashed for a second, but the phone did not unlock.

No further steps are recorded until the next day when the phone is collected.

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