Brelyon to Showcase World’s Largest Field-of-View OLED Display at CES

First around video conferencing using synthetic aperture technology

San Mateo, Calif., January 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BrillionThe M.I.T The spin-off, pioneering a new class of ultra-immersive display technology to enable access to the Metaverse, will showcase the Bralion Fusion – an OLED display with the world’s largest field of view – at CES 2023. las vegas on the January 5-8, 2023. Be among the first to experience a glimpse into a new era of holodeck-like technology that pushes the boundaries of immersion. To schedule a demo, get in touch [email protected] Or see Bralion at CES (Exhibit 61514, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G, Eureka Park).

A concept display technology, the Bralion Fusion is a world first 8 k The desktop features the latest computational and lightfield enhancement innovations along with virtual display and surround video conferencing using synthetic aperture technology and spatial audio — all without the need to wear a headset.

“Brelyon Fusion™ allows the blending of light to scale the field-of-view in a new way that achieves the qualities of resolution,” says Barmak Heshmat, CEO and founder of Brillion. “This kind of new lightfield expansion innovation really allows us to think of light as pieces of LEGO blocks that can be built computationally to create a more immersive screen.”

The concept experience is based on the company’s patented lightfield technologies, Brilliance’s Ultra Reality™, which uses precise wavefront engineering to create massive vision with precise optical depth layers. Already in use by partners worldwide, Brelyon’s Ultra Reality™ products enable new types of immersive applications such as gaming, simulation, and virtual offices, meeting rooms, events, and collaboration spaces.

About Brillian
Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Brelyon is a technology pioneer in hardware and software technologies for headset-less immersive experiences. Led by a founding team of scientists and industry executives from M.I.T, UCF, DARPA and IMAX, Brelyon has developed the world’s first no-headset display technology with monocular depth. Companies interested in joining Bralion’s Early Access Partner Program, please visit here

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