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Doja Cat demonstrates her wicked fashion alchemy, Beyoncé brings back the disco trend, Blackpink apply for a full-time gig as “the coolest band on earth” – these artists take sartorial genius to the next level

quote hip hop Legend and fashion trendsetter Slick Rick, “When it comes to style, you either have it or you don’t.” Today, having it is more important than ever. Style and music have never been more closely linked. So we decided to rank the 25 most stylish musicians in the world—from Beyoncé reverting to her ’70s and ’80s renaissance looks, to rapper Dawn’s style in his single “Stupid Cool” continues to evolve the classic hip-hop style, and for Rosalía, the balance of hard and soft (or, as she describes it, “Tomato and Dhakagiving and receiving”) in her Yuan Hai Tour your closet. Embodying style with uniqueness and personality, these musicians tell stories with their clothing, all the while bringing their own identities into every look.

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for rolling stoneFor our second annual Most Stylish Musicians list, we’ve rounded up a panel of voters across the worlds of fashion, music and culture. They were asked to pick and rank 20 musicians, with each voter’s own definition of “trendy” determined. Have an issue with our selection? Send an email to [email protected] to express your dissatisfaction.

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Alastair McGinn Editor-in-Chief, iD; Albert Ayal Founder and Creative Director of Up Next Designer; Amanda Chachin photographer; arian phillips clothing designer; B. Aklund fashion activist and clothing designer; Brigitte Charan Vice President of Womenswear Buying at Ssense; kriqua Movie director; Colm Dillane Creative Director of Kidsuper; David Joseph Tamago Alligator Jesus CEO; Li Dion Creative Director Dion Lee; Doninas Nahmias Creative Director and Founder; Edwin Thompson Theophilio, designer and creative director; Eric Johnson photographer; federico barassi Vice President of Menswear Buying at Ssense; Francesco Rizzo Creative Director, Marni; Hannah Lux Davis video director; Ludovic de Saint Sernin Creative directors Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Ann Demeulemeester; Manurios actor; Marcus Correa creative director and stylist; Peng Mei Makeup Master; Nicola Formichetti creative director and fashion director; Odunayo (Ayo) Ojo fashion critics and journalists; Patty Wilson fashion stylists and consultants; Lai Shahua Makeup Master; silvia prada artist and image director, playboy magazine; Stavros Karelis Founder and Purchasing Director of Machine-A; Stuart Weavers creative director, coach; Tetsuya Akiyama Artist and owner Grillz Jewelz; Willa Bennett Editor-in-Chief of Highsnobiety; Willie Chavarria Founder and Creative Director Willy Chavarria

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