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Author and founder of AC Intl LLC, Alicia Cramer, announces the release of “Energetic Alignment,” a comprehensive guide to help entrepreneurs overcome mindset challenges and achieve success.

Alicia Cramer recently published Energetic Alignment: The Power to Create a Life of Confidence, Success and Purpose, a resource designed to offer entrepreneurs and business owners across industries the advice they need to help them achieve higher levels of success. Host of The Mind of Business Success Podcast, a top-rated business podcast, and founder of AC Intl LLC, she aims to share her diverse experiences working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business leaders with readers.

You actually have the power to create the business and life you want. Energetic Alignment is not just another self-help book full of phrases. It’s the plan you need, full of actions to help you reach a higher level of success.” – Alicia Cramer.

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Studies have revealed that up to 20% of new businesses fail in the first year, with only about 50% of all small businesses making it to year five. The statistics are alarming to say the least, especially considering the economic impact of SMEs on the economy and the nation as a whole. Over the years, several guides have been created to help entrepreneurs develop their brand. However, many such resources often have abstract content that is not particularly relevant. As a result, Alicia is trying to change this story with the release of her new book titled Energy Alignment: The Power to Create a Life of Confidence, Success, and Purpose.

Alicia embodies the process of achieving success as a business owner, taking readers through each step of her time-tested ALIGN process—Awareness, Learning, Identification, Gaining Momentum, Nexus Point—helping them eliminate self-limiting mindsets and get them right. path to success.

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Energy Alignment: The Power to Create a Life of Confidence, Success, and Purpose is unique in Alicia’s approach to helping readers understand the power of energy and how entrepreneurs can harness it in all aspects of life.

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The book is currently available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats for readers in various parts of the world.

To learn more about Energy Alignment: The Power to Create a Life of Confidence, Success, and Purpose and other works by Alicia Cramer, visit – Alicia Cramer’s campaign for successful business also continues on social media, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

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